20 Things That Really Matter To Us

Life Vineyard Vision, Values and Culture.

At Life Vineyard Church we want to build a culture that reflects the Kingdom of God. We have put together 20 things that really matter to us and these will give you an insight into what Life Vineyard is all about. (They all matter and so are in no particular order.)

We would love you to join us at one of our Sunday services, we currently have 3 sites Newcastle (Jesmond)Marley Hill and Wallsend. You would find a warm welcome.


1: Healthy

We are to be a community of people that together are seeking to become physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally and financially healthy.


2: Excellence

At Life Vineyard Church we want to do things to the best of our ability. We always look to honour God by trying our best to do all things with excellence. We can only do this when we all use our unique gifts and skills to serve and worship Jesus.


3: Growth

We were made to grow and become more like Jesus. At Life Vineyard church we want to help and encourage people to grow in their faith from the very first steps to nearing the end of the journey. We believe that Jesus is always inviting us to more, to experience more and to become more like Him.


4: Team

We believe we are “Better Together”, building healthy teams that live out a culture of honour and expectation.


5: Empower

We work at everything as though we are working for God (which of course we are). We want to make things better so that we might have even greater Kingdom impact across this region.


6: Try

We value creativity and encourage a culture of try. We want to be innovative and entrepreneurial in all that we do.


7: Expansion

We always encourage and embrace growth. We want to see the church grow and lives and communities transformed for God’s glory.


8: Honour

We are a community that loves to encourage each other and recognise the intrinsic value of every single member of Life Vineyard Church.


9: Expectation

We believe God can do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. We are a community that is expectant that we will see signs, wonders and miracles.


10: Mission

We are a church that has left the building. We are a church that is always looking for ways to lead people and communities into life and introduce them to Jesus.


11: Family

We love doing life together and supporting each other in the good times and the difficult ones too. We love Life Groups and other times of fellowship and family.


12: Real

At Life Vineyard Church we come as we are, we value being real and we are church where it is safe to take of our masks and let our defences down. Being real is a core and important value.


13: Celebrate

We love to celebrate, we love to tell stories of all that God has in done in our church and in the world. We love to celebrate the amazing things that we get to do and the difference each one of us can make to the lives of others.


14: Generous

We are an extravagantly generous church that seeks to give our time, energy and money to bring the hope and life of Jesus to others.


15: Truth

We love the Bible, the written word of God. We love to teach it and live it in everything that we do.


16: Presence

We passionately pursue the presence of God. We love to worship and grow in our intimate relationship with our saviour Jesus.


17: Gratitude

We are a church that overflows in gratitude, that is so thankful to God for all that He has done and all that He is doing and will do in the future.


18: Positive

We are a church that tells the “better story” that God has for each of us. We are a church that wants to demonstrate that God’s ways bring life, hope and freedom and that God has the answers to all the questions we might have.


19: Individual

We believe that every single human being is wonderfully and uniquely made and we want everyone to find their kingdom identity and know they are a remarkable child  of God.


20: Worship

Worship is our highest value and greatest call.

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