Mining for Gold – An Evening with Tom & Beth Camacho

MINING FOR GOLD.  Tom and Beth are from the Blue Ridge Vineyard in the States.  They are passionate about connection with the Father and transformation!  This will be a brilliant evening packed full of encouragement and practical help for anyone who wants to follow the Father closer and help others to do the same!

They have become good friends of ours over the past few years and we know you and your churches will be greatly blessed by them.  They are in the country for a few weeks and we are really happy to have got them for a few days.  This will be an evening not to miss!

Book your place using the web link below. 7pm for Pizza (7:30 start- 9:30pm).


Nicola Bass

Nicola leads the church with David and they are Newcastle site pastors. They also oversee the Vineyard churches in the North East.